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Ubuntu as an operating system

 Hello everybody My name is Nikki and today we are going to have a look at one of the most user-friendly Linux operating system called Ubuntu. I want to warn people who already knows about it that I won't write anything new in this blog because already loads of people uploaded and created different guides and tutorials but here I want to write and make a "meeting" with people who NEVER heard about Ubuntu or might heard but don't know anything about it. In this blog I will describe problems and issues I faced using this Operating System.

Most of the people heard about linux by accident or from someone else, I am not the exception. But as most of the users ( I think ^_^ ) faced with some different problems either during installation or during working with operating system as it completely differ from Windows (I am not speaking about MAC because MAC is also an Unix based operating system) So here, as a good start, I want to share with you my own editing using official web-site ubuntu.com about how to get Ubuntu and also how to properly install it on your system. Let's begin

First of all you have to download an "iso" image file of the operating system. Here is an official web site of the Ubuntu where you can download an operating system. www.ubuntu.com

On the screen shot above you have to click on download button where my mouse currently pointed out. After doing so you will be redirected to this page
You have to choose "Download and install". Section "try it from a CD or USB stick" is not need because we will observe this later in this blog and the section "Run it with Windows" require separate post on this subject. I will observe this later let's just click on Download and Install.

  You will be forward to the download page where you have to choose 32 or 64 bit Operating System. If you don't know which one to download just don't change anything, click on "Start Download" big button which pictured here

After this download start and you have to select where to save "iso" image of the operating system and I hope you know how to save files and remember where you save it ^_^

Let's move on. Ok, now we have an image of the Operating System and you may wonder what I have to do next ?? well hopefully it isn't hard to "burn" CD disk. By the verb "burn" I mean how to write an information on the disk CORRECTLY, so it would be readable by the computer. Let's see how to do this in Windows 7. Now here I will copy the image and instructions from the site ubuntu.com because they describe it very detailed and informative.

Right-click on an ISO image and choose 'Open with > Windows Disc Image Burner'.

Select a disk burner (drive) and choose 'Burn'. If you check 'Verify disc after burning', it will confirm that the ISO image has been burned correctly.

 And that's all =) Simple isn't it ? just wait for a while for the information to be burned on CD and it is better if you will wait until process finished and won't work on the computer.

Ok now we have a disk this Ubuntu system and computer to install it let's start the Installation process.
Now here it is REALLY hard to start because all systems are different in CD disk start because we have to start CD disk first to boot not you main operating system. Well to do so there is different way. I will, at least, try as much easier as possible to explain it thought I don't promise it will work 100% cause I have to see what are you doing to see what the problem is, Let's hope nothing will happen. =)

PC requires you to hold down or press a key to boot from CD

YOU HAVE TO REBOOT COMPUTER AND WHEN SYSTEM START START CLICKING MULTIPLE TIMES BUTTON OR BUTTONS IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHICH TO CLICK. try it multiple times you haven't managed to do it write me and e-mail about your computer and what you have been doing. My e-mail written at the bottom of the page.
Some computers require you to hold down or press a key to enable booting from the CD drive, the best place to find this information is in your computers user manual or the manufactures website. Here are some common keys to try if you lack that information. 

Apple Computers and others: Hold down the C key while rebooting. Toshiba, IBM and others: press F12 while booting to get to the boot menu and choose CD-ROM. Asus and others: press TAB key while booting and select CD-ROM from boot menu.
(Source https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootFromCD )

When you managed to boot from CD you will see this screen

DON'T DO ANYTHING !!!!! just wait and installation will continue in 10 seconds. 
Now in the next pages I will use pictures from official web site again because everything I said in the start is already written I just make it EVEN more easier to understand
After waiting a while  you will be proceed to this page (well you have to spend about 40 minutes for the whole installation)

  Click on "Install Ubuntu" to start the installation procedure. Next what you will see will be this

Now here is the thing if you are using network cable for your Internet then Skip this part(DON'T forget to uncheck the line where I write on the picture)  BUT if you are using Wifi connection you have to make some extra steps in order to download some updates during installation.If you don't have Internet active connection then Ubuntu will proceed with this screen

Here you will have to select either "I don't want to connect to a wi-fi network now" or choose an Internet and write down the password. It is better if you have an active connection because it will download updates during installation.

Next step Installation type.

You can choose between 3 options but we only need 2 of them because type "Something else" was created for users with more knowledge so let's do everything as we are basic users =)))
So here is the thing you can either install Ubuntu alongside with your Windows 7 system or any other system or DELETE and entire disk and install only Ubuntu. If you don't want to delete windows you can choose 1 type if you are ready to delete and install only Ubuntu there is no big difference. For now Let's click install alongside with Windows 7.

You will get this picture and you have to move the line between Ubuntu and Windows 7 disk to decide how many memory you want to dedicate to Ubuntu and how many stay in Windows 7. Minimum memory for Ubuntu to work stable is 10GB. after you finished partitioning click "Install Now"

When the installation start you will be asked to configure your keyboard layout, time and who you are. Let's take a deep look inside.

Here basic thing System will either automatically define where you are if it connected to the Internet if not just type where you are.

Now here everything is very basic too. Simply choose your keyboard layout and language it should write. You can try keyboard in a small window above the button "Detect Keyboard Layout"

 And Final set up WHO YOU ARE =)

Here write your name, leave computer name untouched, write your favorite
user name and you must also type the password. The more complicated password you will have better for your security. And click Continue.

you have finished installation settings of your Ubuntu Operating System now just wait for installation of the system to finish and watch the slides provided by Ubuntu

After everything finished you will get this image

Just click RESTART NOW and enjoy your new Operating System.

That's all for today I hope I helped you and I want to hear now your comments and editions about my blog and also if you want me to write something more about or again you have any questions don't hesitate to write me I will answer as soon as I can.

If you have any question regarding topic, you found a mistake or you want to ask me to write about something, feel free to write me a letter on my e-mail: saproling93@mail.ru

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